Our Projects

The way we are working is changing. Please read this important announcement from our Founder.

We believe that everyone is precious and deserves to have a life of hope and opportunity. We have achieved our vision to extend a helping hand to the most marginalised members of society; children and young people without families, the majority with special needs. We’ve provided tools to improve their lives and enhance their opportunities as well as empowering local people to continue the Good Rock vision.

  • Children (crossing water)

    Capacity Building

    An important part of our vision was to empower local people to improve the circumstances and opportunities for children and young people without families or otherwise vulnerable. Good Rock was gifted at sourcing experts in fields such as child welfare, a host of therapy disciplines, education and programme development. Over the years our team always comprised […]

  • Three Children

    Special Needs Therapy

    For almost two decades we have improved resources and access to physical therapy and special education for children and young adults. We successfully established therapy resources in seven project sites, all of which are now run independently by their orphanages. In 2007 we developed our village special education centre providing special education and life-skills training for over 60 […]

  • Mum and Child

    Foster Care

    Foster care brings children out of institutions into family life. That’s why Good Rock created one of the first foster care programmes in China. Between 1999 and 2016 we helped over 400 children live in local foster families and created additional resources such as community therapy and special education to support them in their foster homes. […]

  • Fig Bakery production

    Fig Bakery

    Because investment is better than charity With our experience and reputation we were well-placed to launch a pioneering social enterprise project. We’re delighted that our Fig Bakery is thriving! A trademark of Good Rock was always our holistic approach, reaching vulnerable children and young people with resources to improve their quality of life today, and bring […]