The Good Rock Legacy

Please read this important announcement from our Founder.

The Good Rock Foundation, a UK and HK charitable organisation, was established in 1997, after co-founders Jeff and Jacqui Shurr adopted their daughter from China. Through adoption a child is chosen for you, meaning that Abigail could have come from anywhere in China, but it just so happened that she was in Xinjiang, China’s far-flung north western province. In the 1990s, orphanages in this region were poorly resourced and Jeff and Jacqui felt compelled to reach out and make a difference for the many children who would never have a family of their own. The Shurrs took inspiration for the name of the Foundation from their daughter, Abigail, who was born on Good Friday, and her Chinese name Yan meaning the Rock.

For almost two decades we were committed to improving the welfare of these orphans and abandoned disabled children and young people. Our experience and reputation meant we were in an excellent position to bring positive change and empowerment for some of the most vulnerable and marginalised children.

Today, Good Rock’s legacy lives on through the projects we pioneered and the wonderful people we have empowered to continue the vision.

Who We Are